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Thursday 18 January 2018
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Talking Mental Health Derbyshire

What People Say about our Service


Patient Experience Questionnaire -1st October 2017 - 31st December 2017          

1    Did staff listen to you and treat your
concerns seriously?






2     Do you feel that the service has helped
you to better understand and address
your difficulties?






3     Did you feel involved in making choices
about your treatment and care?






4    Were you satisfied with the time you waited
for your first and subsequent appointments?






5     On reflection, did you get the help that
mattered to you?






6     Did you have confidence in your therapist
and his or her skills and techniques?







How likely is it that you would recommend this service to a family member or friend?

Very Likely




Very Unlikely

Don’t Know








In their own words - below are some of the comments made by recent clients;

"The service was available and easily accesible. Just what I needed."

"I felt listened to and understood. I have been given a lot of confidence since coming here and I feel a lot happier in myself."

"I have have learnt skills and I am putting them into action which has helped my health .I am really pleased with my new understanding about my      existing problems and feel confident that I can keep using my new thought process to maintain improvement . A really helpful and lovely experience."

"Excellent service. My counsellor was a very good listener and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I had a very quick referral also."

"Has helped me through difficult issues."

"So helpful, understanding and supportive, nothing could be done any better."

"I felt I was listened to and given the right techniques that suited my problems."

"I feel really pleased with my sessions and feel a million times better than I thought I could ever feel, I'm not quite 100% yet but definitely getting there,   Thanks to my therapist."

"Good experience, has helped me see that I am normal, and though hard, I can change my behaviour patterns."

"Great experience, really helped me and I've learnt some great coping techniques."


When it doesn't go well

From time to time clients have an experience they are not satisfied with.

You said;

"Had a long wait for first treatment appointment. However all of my appointments have been on time and the service itself has been great"

"Improve waiting times"

 "The initial time taken to gain my first appointment was far too long. But the sessions after that were very good, at a time to suit me. I felt I would not have progressed without the sessions. The therapist clearly understood my needs and I have had a very positive outcome."

TMHD did;

Increase staffing to offer appointments more quickly. Offered a choice of locations where people may be seen more quickly elsewhere. Offered increased access to self help materials so people can begin working on issues before therapy commences.

If all else fails

In the first instance, if you cannot resolve the issue with your therapist, we would ask you to call our office at 0300 123 0542 and ask for the service manager for your area. We make every effort to resolve issues as quickly as we can. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can ask to speak to our corporate service manager, our area service manager or our clinical lead. Alternatively you may use the Derbyshire NHS Foundation Trust complaints procedure by contacting our Patient Experience Team by telephone (freephone 0800 027 2128 or 01332 623751) or email patientexperience@derbyshcft.nhs.uk.