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Thursday 18 January 2018
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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The East Midlands Self-harm and Suicide Prevention Research Network (EM-SRN) was set up in June 2013. It is a virtual network aimed at all professionals and organisations who may work with those who self-harm or who may attempt suicide. It is currently run by Keith Waters and Jenny Ness at Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.


It's aim is to provide a single point of contact for all professionals, encourage greater collaboration across the region and facilitate the sharing and implementation of research and best practice.

We hope that representatives from a range of diverse occupations will use the network to link up and provide one another with support and inspiration that will lead to direct benefits for both themselves and the service users with which they work.

Activity and Events

We have hosted a number of conferences covering a wide range of topics from the impact and clinical management of self-harm and suicide, to research and the challenges of recruiting patients to studies. Colleagues from various backgrounds across the East Midlands have joined us at our events including clinicians, academics, students and volunteers. Although our main platform is the google group, we also encourage collaborations by utilising exhibition stands at events.

December 2016: Collaboration with the ‘Research for the Faculty of Law’ at Queensland University of Technology, Australia to share and discuss suicide prevention research, 13th December 2016; Centre for Research and Development, Kingsway, Derby, DE22 3LZ

January 2015: East Midlands Self-harm and Suicide Prevention Research Network (EM-SRN) event, 21st January 2015; Exchange Building, Jubilee Campus, Nottingham, NG8 1BB.

June 2014: East Midlands Self-harm, Suicide Prevention and Suicide Bereavement Conference; Institute of Mental Health, Jubilee Campus, Nottingham, NG8 1BB.

August 2014: The East Midlands Self-harm and Suicide Prevention Research Network became a member of the National Suicide Prevention Alliance-  (NSPA)


Discussion Forum

EM-SRN has a Google group to provide communication between professionals in the region. Membership numbers and active discussions are steadily growing and we are hoping this will prove to be a great resource for professionals in the region. It is hoped that the group and forum will be used to share research, experiences, ideas and to inform the members in EMSRN of upcoming events for the East Midlands and neighbouring counties.

You can access the Google group by emailing Jenny at Jennifer.Ness@DerbysHCFT.nhs.uk or Muzamal at Muzamal.Rehman@derbyshcft.nhs.uk

Contact us

Jenny Ness                                                                                                            Keith Waters
Liaison Team Research Project Manager                                                       Director of Centre for Self-harm & a                                                                                                                               Suicide Prevention

Jennifer.Ness@DerbySHCFT.nhs.uk                                                               Keith.Waters@derbyshcft.nhs.uk


 Muzamal Rehman
Research Assistant