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Wednesday 22 November 2017
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Our policies and procedures

  • Comments, Concerns and Complaints PolicyTo ensure that all staff working within Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (DHCFT) are able to handle complaints in line with the regulations issued by the Department of Health.
  • Data Protection Act PolicyThe purpose of this document is to ensure that users of the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust IT systems understand how the Trust will encompass The Data Protection Act in accordance with relevant and appropriate legislation.
  • Data Protection Act Policy and ProceduresThis policy exists to ensure that all members of Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust staff are aware of, and fully comply with relevant legislation as described in this policy document.
  • Flexible Working PolicyThis policy enables the Trust to meet the needs of the Flexible Working Regulations and positively promote a range of opportunities to enable staff to choose a work life balance that would suit their current needs. It is also flexible to change as commitments, aspirations and other needs change over time.
  • Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations 2004 - Policy and ProcedurA policy statement outlining our commitment and approach to FOI which applies to all staff who handle information on behalf of the Trust.
  • Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations 2004 Policy and ProceduresThis document is a policy statement outlining our commitment and approach to FOI. The Policy applies to all staff, including temporary staff, who handle information on behalf of the Trust. Managers must make sure that all employees are fully briefed on the implications of this policy.
  • Guidelines for creation, filing and retrieval of paper and electronic corporate recordsOur legal requirements under the Freedom of Information Act that the Trust can identify and retrieve information and records when and where needed.
  • Health and Safety at Work Policy and ProceduresThe successful implementation of this policy requires total commitment from all to deliver a safe service to patients whilst minimising the risk of injury to staff. This policy will be regularly monitored and reviewed.
  • Human Rights Policy and ProceduresThe Trust's vision and principles are underpinned by the need to put patients first and embody the principles of respect for human rights.
  • Information Governance Policy and ProcedureThe purpose of the Information Governance policy is to demonstrate executive support and commitment to Information Governance, executive support and commitment to the approach which the Trust plans to take to implementing Information Governance, appropriate, visible and complete arrangements are in place in the Trust to deliver the Information Governance Framework
  • Information Sharing ProtocolThe Derbyshire Partnership Forum is committed to working together for the delivery of improved public services to the people of Derbyshire. It is recognised that the lawful sharing of information between partner agencies is essential to meet these aims.
  • Raising Concerns at Work (Whistleblowing) Policy and ProcedureThe provision of a high quality service is the most important priority within the Trust. On occasions, employees of the Trust may have concerns about the care being provided to patients, or about dangerous, fraudulent or other forms of malpractice. The Trust is committed to take seriously and investigate such concerns positively, quickly and reasonably. The Trust in addition requires all managers to ensure that any member of staff with a concern is treated reasonably and fairly.
  • Recruitment and Selection Policy and ProceduresDerbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust aims to ensure it attracts and retains the highest talent to continue to deliver high quality healthcare services and remain an employer of choice both now and in the future. The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for the recruitment and selection of all staff and set out the standards by which the Trust operates. It is important all staff who are authorised to recruit on behalf of the Trust are familiar with this policy.
  • Service user internet kiosk usage policy and proceduresInternet access is available in cafes and some of our wards to enable services users to communicate with via email, to reach sites that will be of interest and of educational benefit and also to access sites that are culturally relevant.
  • Service User's Finance and Property Policy and ProcedureThe Trust has a responsibility to ensure that accurate records of any transactions are maintained for inspection and audit. The Mental Capacity Act 2005 also introduced the role of Court Appointed Deputy and Independent Mental Capacity Advocates who will support service users in the management of their affairs.
  • Standing Financial InstructionsThese Standing Financial Instructions detail the financial responsibilities, policies and procedures adopted by the Trust. They are designed to ensure that the Trust's financial transactions are carried out in accordance with the law and with Government policy in order to achieve probity, accuracy, economy, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Waste Management Policy and ProceduresThis Waste Management Policy reflects the Trusts approach to environmental issues by setting out its vision for ethical and sustainable waste management.