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Sunday 24 March 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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2017 Delivering Excellence Quality Awards: and the finalists are…

Delivering Excellence Awards 2017

Following the Quality Visits, and the moderation process, the following teams have been selected to attend the 2017 Delivering Excellence Quality Awards ceremony…


Criminal Justice Mental Health Liaison Team
For embedding their practice in the police force to respond to emergency situations, and adapting what they are learning from implementing the model.

The Safeguarding Children Team
As a result of their ongoing, sustained and high quality work around safeguarding children, and for how they all work together, value and support each other.

Talking Mental Health Derbyshire
For triangulating high referral rates, retaining staff through difficult times, reducing their wait times across all areas whilst not compromising their position regarding quality of care, and for describing a multi-agency approach to safety planning. 


Chesterfield Central Neighbourhood Team
The team’s presentation covered a range of different ways of hearing what it’s like to be supported by them, including written narrative feedback, attendance at the visit from service users and carers, and Friends and Family Test results.

Morton Ward
For carefully collating evidence for each domain in the Triangle of Care, for maintaining a focus on quality improvement within a very busy clinical environment, and the description of a person’s opportunity to be involved in developing coping strategies and writing their care plan.

The Strategic Health Facilitation Team for Adults with Learning Disabilities
For their caring attitude and inclusive way of working with individuals with learning disabilities, their engagement with families, and their approaches to making sure people using services are able to give their feedback.


The Beeches, Perinatal Mental Health
For introducing examples of innovation including using Skype to allow mothers to read bedtime stories to their children at home, Opening Lounge Sundays, where all family members are invited in, and their inclusion of a former in-patient who is now a volunteer in the care team.

CAMHS County
For their approach to Waiting Well and to psychological therapy for young people’s needs, and their approach to service developments that have been undertaken in partnership with the young people who access the service, family members and staff.

Kedleston Low Secure Unit
For the significant amount of clearly presented data to highlight the quality improvement work the ward team have undertaken, sustained development on the back of challenges, and their involvement of former patients in the development of their Recovery College.


For presenting data showing that the outcomes achieved were in the best interests of the young people accessing the service and their families. Also, for showing a strong theme of empowerment for the young person, the family, the support systems around them and for the RISE team themselves.

The Nutrition and Dietetics Team
For their work around Healthy Food Benchmarking against hospital food standards, improved staff awareness of meal preparation for specific dietary needs, and an evaluated project around dietary and food preparation skills.

Occupational Therapy & Recreation Service at the Hartington Unit
For using outcome measures at the beginning and the end of the Food-Mood Group, and identifying with people using the group the skills they would like to develop.

RESILENCE award (thriving in difficult times)

High Peak and North Dales Neighbourhood Team
For their joined duty systems between working age and older adults, reduced work related sickness, patient feedback, continued links with community projects and for being fully recruited. They maintain business as usual really well, and also manage to innovate.

Liaison Team Services North
For completing and achieving the Psychiatric Liaison Accreditation Network (PLAN) to assure and improve the quality of service, demonstrating a high level of innovation and evidence based practice, and their feedback from other teams and from people who have used the service.

Physiotherapy Services, Kingsway
The team has implemented a data analysis tool to help them predict and track changes in capacity and demand for their services, therefore allowing them to safely plan caseloads. They described involvement in research, publications, and use of NICE Guidelines.


To be chosen from the list of nominees above.


Information Management, Technology & Records Team
For the outstanding work of the team to support and limit the impact of the cyber-attack on the Trust, and for developing an approach to real time bed status, linking our clinical systems together, and ward status monitors.

Research and Development
For integrating well within the Trust and with the wider health economy, and for the work they are doing to embed research and evaluation skills in the Trust, and to embed research into practice, together with their national work on self-harm.

The Finance Team
For offering opportunities to a service user, an apprentice and an undergraduate over the last 12 months, to experience the NHS finance workplace. Also, for their work on the development of ‘drop in’ training for budget holders and more efficient travel booking.

Invitations have gone out to the nominees and the award ceremony will be taking place on 14 December.

You can find out the winners on the night by following us on Twitter using #QualityAwards2017.