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Friday 22 March 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Delivering Excellence Awards 2015 Bunting

Delivering Excellence Awards 2016: winners announced...

Derbyshire Healthcare held its annual Delivering Excellence Awards ceremony on Tuesday 29 November to celebrate some of the outstanding achievements of Trust staff and volunteers.

The shortlisted individuals were invited to attend a vintage-themed afternoon tea ceremony at the Centre for Research & Development on the Kingsway Site, with a spread laid on by our Catering team. 

Staff and volunteers invited to attend the 2016 Delivering Excellence Awards ceremony were hand-picked from a judging panel, consisting of representatives from the Trust Board, Council of Governors, senior managers, and a service receiver representative, after being nominated by their colleagues, patients and carers for the fantastic and life-changing efforts they have displayed over the last year.

Inspiring and heart-warming stories of the award winners and finalists' commitments to deliver compassionate care for our service receivers and their efforts to improve service delivery were shared at the ceremony by the Trust's Board of Directors and governors.

And the winners are…

Delivering Excellence Awards 2016
Compassion in Practice - Bridget Teehan
Compassion in Practice: non-executive director Margaret Gildea, nursing assistant Bridget Teehan and acting chief executive Ifti Majid
Bridget Teehan, Nursing Assistant – Kedleston Unit, Kingsway Site  

Bridget was nominated by two separate service receivers at the Kedleston Unit. One described her as “very caring and understanding” while the other said: “She has always got a bright smile, and is always open and down to earth, and caring and compassionate, and is always prepared to listen. On account of this, she knows how to brighten up your day.”

Maura Teager, one of our non-executive directors and a member of the judging panel, also said: “I am delighted that Bridget's skills, warmth and compassion have been recognised by this award, clearly she is valued by patients, carers and staff and is a leader in the true sense of the word by living the values that we all aspire to. 

“When you are in a vulnerable and difficult place, no matter who you are, the way people respond to you makes all the difference and it can seem like they have sprinkled you with their own bit gold dust during a difficult and emotional time. What a wonderful role model Bridget is!'”

Inclusion Award - Chris Cowans
Inclusion Award: non-executive director Julia Tabreham, substance misuse project worker Chris Cowans and acting chief executive Ifti Majid
Chris Cowans, Substance Misuse Project Worker – Erewash House, Ilkeston  

Chris has shown great motivation and hard work in developing the service receiver involvement at Derbyshire Substance Misuse Service’s Erewash House in Ilkeston. Chris has introduced new activities for service receivers such as boxercise and wash-arts, and has started up a café run by service receivers themselves.

Chris was nominated by Katie Hunt, who says of his involvement of service receivers: “This is something that Chris is clearly passionate about and is evident in the success of what he has developed in the service. This work has appeared to develop the relationship and atmosphere between service users and staff and appears to have had a great impact of the morale in the Ilkeston Office. It is something that the other offices in Derbyshire are using as inspiration to develop the activities they offer.”

Innovation Award - Maria Barrell on behalf of Wendy Stevenson
Innovation Award - executive director of finance Claire Wright, team administrator Maria Barrell on behalf of Wendy Stevenson and acting chief executive Ifti Majid
Wendy Stevenson, Memory Assessment Service Nurse – Memory Assessment Service, St Andrews House, Derby

Wendy turned the idea of ‘twiddle muffs’ into a reality. These are knitted cuffs that sit on the arm of patients with advanced dementia. The muffs are now used across the Trust’s older people’s services to prevent service receivers from picking at their skin or pulling their cannula out, for example.

Inspirational Leader Award - Elizabeth Banahan
Inspirational Leader Award: 2015's inspirational leader Claire Biernacki, team manager Elizabeth Banahan and acting chief executive Ifti Majid
Elizabeth Banahan, Team Manager – YPSS/CAMHS Eating Disorders Service, Temple House, Derby  

On Elizabeth's award, the judging panel said: "We were very touched by the number of staff in her team that nominated Liz. It was clear that her support and inward focus on the team has been very positive and the team feel very supported and nurtured in this environment. We would like to thank Liz for her approach to her staff members and we look forward to Liz contributing to the wider CAMHS systems transformations throughout the year to build upon this very positive staff team experience and use this in the wider systems developments and integrated approaches to children to enable CAMHS developments to flourish.

"We would like to thank Liz for such impressive feedback from her immediate staff team."

Partnership Award - Louise Herron
Partnership Award: director of nursing and patient experience Carolyn Green, occupational therapist Louise Herron and acting chief executive Ifti Majid
Louise Herron, Occupational Therapist – Chesterfield Central Neighbourhood Team, 42 St Mary’s Gate, Chesterfield  

Louise is working in partnership with Chesterfield Football Club on ‘Spireites Active for Life’, helping individuals with a severe mental health problem to learn about the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle and support healthier lifestyle changes. 

Karen Wheeler, who nominated Louise, said in her nomination: "Louise has developed the courses to be totally inclusive, working with service users to enable them to achieve their goals in the setting of the Chesterfield FC stadium. 

"Her positivity and motivational way of working encourages people to take positive risks and succeed in their own recovery journeys. 

Chesterfield FC Community Trust supported the nomination and said: “Our partnership is integral to the course success. The experience and expertise that Louise offers us during the session is essential. Louise is able to lead on the theory section of the course and her knowledge, personality and understanding of the participants’ needs, ensure that each week the group leave having gained important knowledge for improving their lifestyle, wellbeing and ultimately, mental health."

Rising Star Award - Joanne Wombwell
Rising Star Award: director of corporate affairs Samantha Harrison, team manager Joanne Wombwell and acting chief executive Ifti Majid
Joanne Wombwell, Team Manager and Dementia Lead – Bolsover & Clay Cross Neighbourhood Service, The Old Vicarage, Bolsover  

Joanne was nominated by two colleagues – a member of her team and her line manager. Both recognised how hard Joanne had worked during the transition to neighbourhood working. In addition Linda Beresford, who is a member of Joanne’s team, praised Joanne for the way she goes above and beyond in supporting staff, writing: “she provides support not only through listening and advice but also by covering duty when we are short staffed. She will go out on urgent visits, to people of all ages, and has shown that she wants to increase her own knowledge base. Joanne will volunteer to cover within the team on routine work if people are off ill.”

Julia Lowes, who manages Joanne, said: “In the time I have been managing Joanne I have enjoyed witnessing the vitality and humour she brings to the management team and have watched her grow some of the finer qualities that will set her up to become a manager of the future in the Trust. She approaches her work with great enthusiasm and cannot help but show her passion towards making services for people with dementia as good as they possibly can be. Joanne has become a great asset to my team and I believe that she is well deserving of recognition for all the hard work she does.”

Unsung Hero Award - Mary Martin
Unsung Hero Award: director of strategic development Mark Wright, nursing assistant Mary Martin and acting chief executive Ifti Majid
Mary Martin, Nursing Assistant – Audrey House, Derby  

Over her 30 year career with the Trust Mary has gone above and beyond to ensure patients are supported and encouraged in all aspects of daily living. She regularly facilitates trips out for service receivers, in which she invites former patients to promote social inclusion.

Sara Johnson nominated Mary. She added: “Mary goes the extra mile on all levels; she even continues to support patients post discharge. One example of her outreach work: a patient who was discharged some time ago built an excellent therapeutic relationship with Mary and she continued to support him with having a shave when he visits the unit. Every team should have a Mary Martin, I value everything she does – as do the patients.”

Volunteer Award - Helen Poli
Volunteer Award: lead governor John Morrissey, peer support worker Helen Poli and acting chief executive Ifti Majid
Helen Poli, Peer Support Worker – Hartington Unit, Chesterfield  

Helen is constantly identifying new ways for service receivers to engage in the meaningful activities taking place at the unit’s Hub, thereby increasing their opportunity for social inclusion. She understands how it feels to be a patient on the ward and strives to use her lived experience to give others hope as part of their recovery journey. 

Clare Farnsworth, who nominated Helen, said: “Helen is extremely passionate about the job. Her character and presence in the hub lifts everyone's mood as she always has a smile and a positive attitude. Helen attended the quality visit for Recreation and Occupational Therapy. Her contribution to this was invaluable and the feedback from the panel was very positive. One of their comments was; 'I find it so personally touching how much Helen's passion shines through'. We hope that we as a team and the Trust can continue to give back to Helen as much as she has to us, as she is so deserving and would be an asset within many different services.”

Also being celebrated at the ceremony were Trust staff who have reached the milestone of 40 years’ service over the past 12 months. Congratulations to: 

  • Jayne Martin, Community Support Worker – Killamarsh & North Chesterfield Neighbourhood Team, Killamarsh Clinic
  • Lesley Newton-Griffiths, Registered Nurse – School Health Team, Derby

40 Years' Long Service Award - Jayne Martin
40 Years' Long Service Award: acting chief executive Ifti Majid, community support worker Jayne Martin and non-executive director Caroline Maley
40 Years' Long Service Award - Lesley Newton-Griffiths
40 Years' Long Service Award: acting chief executive Ifti Majid, registered nurse Lesley Newton-Griffiths and non-executive director Caroline Maley